I felt I should share with you some information I received from a health practitioner not long ago. Her son is autistic and she has found Manna to be very helpful. 

I use Manna for years, but never could clearly understand the mechanism of action. Usually we use a lot of therapies for autistic kids, I was more concentrated on the dietary intervention, supplement, different antimicrobial therapies, chelation.  I know about the damage of immune system of autistic kids. I consulted hundreds of parents during last 15+ years, only few of autistic kids were never vaxd. I used Manna for my own child since 2011 when he created very bad tantrum (self damaging behavior, scratching of others) after microcurrent treatment. I tried everything what I could  imaging but nothing worked. I started his first Manna course and he become great child after very first dose. He developed high fever, he was very weak, he slept few hours during daytime (very unusual for him) and his tantrum disappeared. At that time it was very clear: Manna helped him. After it I started to use Manna regular 3  times/year. Again, we used a lot of others therapies. I saw some improvement in different areas after every course, but it was not the only therapy. After 6 years I stopped to use Manna on the regular basis for him. Once in 1.5-2 years he developed very aggressive behavior (the main component is scratching, he can scratch himself and/or someone near him), I tried different treatments, but only after Manna he stopped this distractive behavior. Mar 21 2021 he developed this problem again, for 10 days I tried everything. Only when I found Manna which I didn't use last year, his problems disappear. I was very busy with my exams and relocation, everything was very clear and looked very similar to our first experience:  my child become very weak, he created some fever, slept during daytime. After it he became very nice child without very dangers behavior.  He almost killed me this time, he is not small anymore, he is 20 years old. He created problems after vax but he also was diagnosed with Lyme in 2008. I never saw any die off effect after Manna, I fill like it does something with immune modulation. I may be wrong, it's just my subjective feeling.  I will try to collect more information, but I am going to use it as a part of treatment plan, not as a single therapy. I am also going to encourage people to use Manna.  You are absolutely right. We are going to deal with huge level of people with autoimmune problems. 

Another note:
Thanks for the info! I explored so many different options over the last 18 years, but I can't compare anything with Manna. It looks like a miracle.