Hello thomas my cd4 count came today, according to my doctor the average human has a cd4 count of 800- 1000 my cd4 count after NOT taking my hiv medicine for 6 months and after taking 4 x3 manna sachets is 756 this is the highest its ever been I have never had a count this high before taking the manna it was 483 the manna sachet WORKED! It might have not worked on my wife the only thing different we did was I did a full body cleanse before taking the manna, she did not. I sujest you tell your hiv positive clients to do a full body cleanse before taking the liquid manna for full integration. I will be ordering 4 manna for my wife in august after I make her do a full body cleanse. Thanks for changing my life thomas, you are an angel sent from the heavens.