It has been almost exactly one month since my buddy and I have used the manna sachets, so I am well prepared to offer you our testimonies, which you may share with prospective customers.  As I mentioned earlier, the first thing we noticed was an odd new natural energy about us. This energy lasted well into the night and seemed to sustain itself far beyond caffeine which I am a regular user of. The second thing we mutually recognized was our satiety. We noticed that we really never got hungry anymore and frequently had to remind ourselves to eat! We would even frequently joke with each other and say "well crocodiles can skip meals for months so it makes sense!" I have a passion for health and nutrition and one thing I've come across more than once is that when the body is without food, it is then warranted the opportunity to focus on fighting illness or repairing itself. My inclination in this experience is that the crocodile peptides were kicking my immune system into high gear, therefore focusing on repairing itself instead of feeding itself. Another thing my buddy noticed was that he no longer had an appetite for alcoholic beverages anymore. For several months he would drink alcohol almost every night to help cope with stress or to just kick back, and now even one month later he still says that he has absolutely no appetite for alcohol at all. I've even recently seen him pour out rum, where as before using the peptides he would keep it close to him as if it were gold! My only explanation for this is that the peptides must have purified him to the point that the taste of alcohol makes him sick (almost as if it was his first time drinking!). I myself have even experienced this. I drink very rarely, usually once every two months and when I do I have a mixed drink of rum and coke. I always have 3 shots in my first drink, and 2 shots in a second drink after about an hour of consuming my first to avoid becoming intoxicated too fast and to make sure I have no hangover the next day! However...even after sobering up, and being well hydrated and acquiring plenty of sleep (8 hours), the next day after drinking I had a mild hangover the entire day! It literally felt like my body had never experienced alcohol before! I especially noticed a difference also with caffeine. I have an extremely physical job where I work 10 hours a day and am paid on my performance, so energy is very vital to my paycheck. Normally I would drink an AMP energy drink or a cup of coffee at lunch, but now all I need is a half of either. One day I drank a whole AMP energy drink and literally become nauseated and sick to my stomach, again almost as if I had never had caffeine before. Once again the only explanation is that the peptides had purified my body at a very rapid rate. The last testimony I have for you is for my one cat Tango. Recently he has been diagnosed with cystitis, which is a bladder condition in cats that causes his bladder to be enlarged and also makes him prone to urinary tract infections. He had gone through a course of antibiotics because he was having trouble peeing and it really didn't do anything. I used one quarter of a sachet and fed it too him in an eye dropper for a total of 3 times in one week. In combination with the peptides and a homeopathic remedy, he hasn't been having any accidents and seems to be doing quite well! My girlfriend even told me the one day that she noticed he was more energetic, opening cabinets and running around like he did when he was a kitty! Recently I was cleaning his undercarriage and noticed that he had dried pee on his fur from when he was having issues peeing, so I decided to trip some off with scissors. While doing this I accidentally snipped a little too close to his skin, which caused it to bleed. I was worried about infection and although it really didn't seem to bother him at all I was still concerned. Once the bleeding subsided I decided to see if the wound would heal on its own instead of taking him to the vet and dropping $300 again on antibiotics and other rubbish that doesn't work. To my surprise after one week, the wound has formed a rather healthy looking scab and is ready to fall off naturally. The interesting thing is we only cleaned the wound once with antibacterial soap and that was several days after it started healing. Tango hasn't cleaned it himself either because he can't reach down that far anymore, so I attribute it all to the crocodile peptides...especially because those scissors have been around the block a few times and aren't all that clean! I am excited to do another manna sachet 6 months from now and plan to buy some for family members as well. If this stuff has had this effect on me, someone that's healthy, I can only imagine how much it would help someone that is having issues with their health. I want to you thank you very much for your prompt responses to all of my many questions, as well as your assistance with how to use the peptides. You have earned yourself a customer for life! Thank You