Hello, reaching out to let you know i had a sachet i saved for when i caught covid. I wish i took it as soon as I tested positive, but today was day 3. For last three days my oxygen was hovering around 95 and my heart rate was 95bpm but i know from my fitbit and wearing a holter about two months ago my resting heart is about 60, so i was very aware of the constant high heart rate. I had a fever of about 102, aching body, some chest and nasal congestion. I went to dr and was given an inhaler and an antiviral. I did not like what i read about the antiviral and how it caused the virus to get replication errors because if it can do this to the virus- how do i know it doesnt do this to my own dna? Anyway- about 6 hours after my dose and resting my fever came down and my heart rate dropped down to the high 60s low 70s. I know it can take more time for the sachet to work, maybe its a coincidence, but i feel like it made a huge difference. I guess tomorrow will be the real test but i was a little concerned about my heart because i have ventricular hypertrophy and an atrial septal aneurysm. Seeing my heart rate come down close to normal was very reassuring. I guess my question i am wondering is how does a synthetic amino acid work to fight viruses/bacteria in the body? While i feel like it works and this is probably the 3rd or 4th i haves used in last 10-15 years,  Thanks!