Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 3:46 PM
Subject: Update

Dr Shah and team

Hi its Robert Bonaccolta just updating everyone on my own health.
After 2 1/2 years+ now, since I took 8 satchets of Shacro ,  I'm very healthy,  not even ever had a cold, cough nor fever. I feel great and I wish people even knew how important my own use was as I became,  under no other powers but my own, my own lab monkey testing myself.
If you only knew how I felt worried about what this stuff even was.
    I'm fine, I'm alive, I'm very healthy. grandmother with Alzheimer's is still alive, not well, but she won't die. She even broke her hip and at 85 years old, she healed and walked again in 3 weeks.  The doctor said she's on her last year of the sickness and should have been gone a year ago.
     My dad is amazingly still OK with diabetes,  heart issues, cancer is 100% gone and he from last year was a walking time bomb. He will live.
    I thank shacro for helping me and I believe. 
    Not everyone has the guts to take an unknown substance from a website and test it like I have.
   I've had the hardest time ever trying to help others.  They all believe in modern medicine.   No guts to believe!!!    I believe!!!! I'm a doer!!!
I gave up on everyone out there. It is a terrible feeling too.
To all the believers, and dreamers... get shacro and get healthy!!

Thank you
Robert B.