During the beginning of the great pandemic, a fellow from Texas called me up wanting to offer Manna as a solution to offset the effects of that virus.  We were going to partner up as he knew some people in pretty high places that he thought he could get on board.  It wasn't long before he was totally shut down and told not to go there.

However, while we were still in contact, he told me this story. -- A friend of his had gone to Africa to look for gold and diamonds. He had been staying there attempting to get in touch with the local tribal leader, but without success. While he  was staying at a hotel he had his wallet stolen. He didn't have any money to pay for his hotel, so he stayed to try and figure out what he would do. 

He saw that some of the local hotel staff looked very tired and ill. When he inquired as to their problem they told him they had Malaria. Having Manna with him to help against virus, or harmful bacteria, he offered some of his Manna to those who were willing to try it. 

Within about a week the people who took the Manna were looking and feeling better. The owner of the hotel found out what he had done and was so happy, he allowed him to stay at his hotel for free. Not only that the owner introduced him to the local tribal leader. 

Only this fellow knows the rest of the story. 
Be blessed with Manna!