Thomas I do have a few questions, which I hope you might be able to reply.

The story of how I knew about Manna Sachet – is from the original “Biological Miracles” website back in

2003-2004 – from when  Elliot Borges (from Puerto Rico) was their not only distributor, but also a very

strong testimonial – to say the least… from the original days…

I work in technical sales – nothing related or close to nutritional products, but I know lots of people

and thru the years I have recommended and given Manna to a few people - the testimonials are many.  

For me, it’s not only critical to ensure I know where to get the Manna, but also its close to my heart,

due to Elliot – whom was my dear friend and I “lived” his process and saw how passionate he was

about this product.   

I do not want to provide lots of information – who know who reads this… but after I knew that West

is no longer available – its really worries me to loose a the way to buy Manna.   I really would like

to know if someone has inventory in the US to get product faster.  If you have any information, I would

really appreciate if you can call me.   I left all my information in my signature.

 Thank you,

 Wanda I. A.