Thomas, Good Afternoon!!
I am interested in being an MMD with you, however I would need to now what is entailed in this process, rules, regs, etc..
I guess I should tell you that when I first started taking MannaSachet about a year ago I  ran out of money and just recently started again.  When first starting the first thing I noticed was that after a couple of months all my warts (I had hundreds) began to disappear and finally they had all died off and fell off my skin.  The planters warts on my hands and fingers took the longest to die off, but they did.
Six years ago I was twice diagnosed with a skin pigmentation disease on my right shin which reportedly is "incurable" by the medical society.  MannaSachet is killing off this "incurable" disease.  It has been a slow process since the disease seems to go much deeper than the depth of the skin itself.  I also had three precancerous spots on my scalp after having
20 spots removed.  I was told to wear a hat in the sun, but I find it hard to wear hats so these three others were a new batch coming on.  After three weeks of restarting the MannaSachet these three spots are gone.
Six months ago I had five vertebrae in my neck fused and the healing is going faster than anticipated.  I have been able to do controlled workouts on my BowFlex.  Though I can only work with a a maximum of two hundred pounds (my neck is still healing) I am gaining muscle mass very quickly and could go on for hours and never seem to get sore muscles or tired.  I have always wondered about the sharks and crocodiles and how they just appear to laze around, until time to eat.  They have incredible speed and strength and I have never heard of them doing any type of exercise routine.  I feel that the protein peptides in MannaSachet give us an added amount of inherent strength.  Could be all in my head, but I surely am gaining strength at a rapid rate.
There are a lot of other small healings I've gone through by using MannaSachet, but I can not even remember all of them.
So am I not only blessed to have found this product, but I feel it will also heal my liver by killing off the Hepatitis C and Full Siroccos I am dealing with.  I also look forward to introducing this product to others.
Best regards,