The Antidote                                       

Anti Fungal - Anti Microbial - Antibiotic Alternative  

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                                                          Only Available in the USA , Europe and Africa                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                           Manna Immunity!

                              By strengthening your immune system, you are protecting yourself against 5G Radiation.                                                                              

Manna Gold Sachet

                                                                          From Janet:
Manna has brought me back to life.  I had become weak and very tired.  2 days after taking Manna I was cleaning my  boat while anchored in the middle of the 420 acre lake I live on. I have been taking Manna every 3 months since then, and I am living life to the fullest.  Manna is a naturally made healer that works for all, including my dog.  Thanks to Manna I feel like a younger, more vibrant lady, keeping up with life.

   During the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone in 2014,  7 people who worked in a pharmacy were exposed to the deadly Ebola virus. The only 2 that survived were the two nurses that had taken a Manna Gold Sachet. 

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              THE NEW APPLICATION          

On the 1st of December 2007 the company started a new product developed from The Antidote. 

A notice was posted on the 1st. of November 2007 enlightening customers of this changeover from 5ml. bottles to an encapsulated dried lint version 4 times stronger which has been developed over the last 7 years.

The encapsulated sealed lint is only a vehicle that carries the  dried anti microbial, amino acid proteins within it.

The simple method of activating and releasing the dried anti microbial properties, is by way of immersing into boiling water, up to one third of a cupful, then allowing the water to cool, for 15 minutes, so that it may be taken orally and thereby releasing the anti microbial, peptide proteins, into the body, to kill off viruses and bacteria resident within your body. --