Methylene Blue Crystals - Bulk Orders to 100 grams:  CZTL Website:
1 gram of crystals makes 1000 ml OR 20 - 50 mil bottles of 0.1% MB.
Low dosing is the way to go to start, in our opinion. 
Especially when used along side Manna Gold Sachet.. 

The solution is easy to make. 
Add 1000 mils pure water to a food grade plastic or glass bottle.
Add 1 gram Methylene Blue Crystals to the 1000 mils of water. -- Shake gently. 
Using a 50 mil syringe, transfer 50 mils to a 2 oz dropper bottle.
Now you can make 20 dropper bottles and share with family and friends. 
Store in the refrigerator away from heat and sunlight. 
Most people use 2 mils per serving twice per day.
One 1000 mil bottle can last 2 people up to 4 months.
Cost is only $5.00 per month per person, to have all the benefits.      
Increase dosage as desired.
When used with Manna less is more. 

Those using anti depressant drugs should not use Methylene Blue. 

Antioxidant effect cancels their effect. 
Please watch this video before ordering.    

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Information is provided so you can make informed health decisions. Also please discuss with a health professional.