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What is one of the most important elements in survival?  ~ Being able to start a fire even when wood is wet.  Then having clean water is a close second.  How would you like a small, portable piece of equipment that would do both?  Now you can.   

Our plasma arc generator produces a plasma spark about one inch in length and that will start dry burnable material on fire in about three seconds.  It will also dry a small piece of wood, driving the water out of it and start it on fire within one minute. 

With a small adaption, this plasma arc unit can purify a pot of water of harmful bacteria in about 1 minute. Recommend two platinum electrodes costing $65.00 to be used as they will last for the life of the unit. 

These plasma arc generators are designed for continual use, running for years. Since you will only be using them for a few minutes at a time, properly cared for, they should last for a long, long time.    


Plasma Arc Generator Plans

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$ 29.95 USD

Plans include all parts needed for easy assembly and use at home, while camping or off grid. Parts list available on Amazon supplied.

Parts and Plans Supplied for the Plasma Arc Fire Starter.

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$ 99.95 USD

110 Volt Plasma Arc Generator, Clips, Electrodes and assembly plans included. If you have a 100+ Watt inverter and an extension cord, you can run it from a car or trailer or motor home, using the on board battery.. Add a small re-chargeable battery and a small solar panel and run it from anywhere. Not recommended for those with pacemakers or electrical implants. Not for children to use.