Manna is a base to build your health upon. Once you get your health back 1 to 3 Manna a year is all you need.  
Manna helps build up and shield your natural immune system until you get it functioning the way it was meant to function.  --  To do that you need to remove toxins from your body. -- Stop using the wrong fats and oils and start using the right fats and oils. -- Improve energy transport into the cells so that the mitochondria engines can be optimized.  -- To do this you must get the energy from the sun into your eyes and on your body, so that you can properly metabolize the oxygen you breathe.  --  Then drink pure clean structured water.  
What I want to say, is that you can take all the right things, but if you continue to take and do the wrong things, you will only enjoy marginal health results.  -- Why settle for less when you can have more?  -- Optimal health is basically all about choices and cost? -- Very soon we will make optimal health available to everyone at an affordable price. Yet even then, optimal health is a choice. -- In fact it will cost you more to be sick than to be healthy. -- Health is wealth!  
To help you along and answer your health questions, you can join Telegram and go to "Peptides-The Biological Miracle" Group. -- The invite link is  
OR: email Thomas at with your questions. -- I will answer you as time permits.  
I will offer a one on one zoom meeting where you can ask questions. Email me, so I know the best time for you and I'll set a date  -- Until then watch the video below.
 Just listen to the first 4 minutes if you can.  😀 —

The world is in an economic health crisis. -- We need everyone to be well to prosper!   -- Thomas